"Easy, fast and painless
hair removal method with superfine crystals"


It's finally over with that dangerous standby shaving.

Forget about that sticky and painful waxing, too.

You can now be liberated from too expensive laser treatment and tedious plucking.

We present to you VELVEPIL Hair Remover - the hair removal home system for efficient, fast and easy epilation!

For silky smooth skin. Attractive to the eye and touch.

VELVEPIL Hair Remover system:

Guaranteed American quality and long-term results

Removes unwanted hair painlessly and with no side effects

It can be used all over the body

Buffs away the hair with a single circular motion

Effect similar to waxing and laser treatment

Suitable for men and women of all ages

Exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth and soft

Number 1 next-generation system for hair removal


This product is distributed online only
and cannot be purchased in stores.


Compared to waxing, the superfine crystals that cover Velvepil pads are painless

Velvepil Hair Remover's price is much more affordable in comparison to laser treatment

Using Velvepil is much quicker and safer than shaving

Velvepil Hair Remover helps you keep your skin smooth all year round

Hair removal with Velvepil system

is completely safe, harmless and pain free. DOUBLE EFFECT: it removes the hairs in depth and at the same time permanently slows their growth, making them softer and sparse. Velvepil system is as effective as waxing, but without any pain or rashes after the procedure. Furthermore, one kit can be used for a whole month. Then you only need to replace the microcrystalline pad, making hair removal with Velvepil cheaper. The advantage of Velvepil Hair Remover over shaving is that thanks to their superfine crystalline structure, Velvepil pads remove unwanted hair in depth without cutting it. Thus the hair becomes thinner and softer with each procedure.

Velvepil doesn't make your skin dry

Furthermore, there is no danger of injury when applied to sensitive areas of skin (acne-prone skin, etc.).

Velvepil provides efficient removal of unwanted hair

WITHOUT causing pain or any side effects. WITHOUT chemicals harmful to the skin. Velvepil does NOT eradicate hair from its root. It does NOT damage the hair follicle.

Buff away unwanted hair forever and discover the beauty of perfectly smooth skin!

ONLY NOW Buy 2, get 3!

If you order today two Velvepil kits, you get another one FREE.*

*Supplies are limited.

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Like many world-leading brands, Velvepil's success has led to our products being copied by counterfeiters. Unfortunately, you can often come across websites that imitate the original, and even order by mistake a counterfeit. Protect yourself and those you care about by purchasing only authentic Velvepil Hair Remover products online from the official website of the brand: www.velvepil.com

The original packaging of Velvepil Hair Remover has American Quality stamp printed on it (as you can see in the picture).

The original product Velvepil comes with a 30-days 100% money back guarantee.

The original Velvepil kit contains the following parts:

  • 5 x small crystalline pads for sensitive areas like the upper lip and the chin;
  • 1 x vibrating pod;
  • 5 x large crystalline pads for large areas of skin;
  • 2 x special silicone applicators for greater comfort.

Users comments

4.71/5 1 759 votes

Eva Patten

I ordered one of these, and I find it very interesting how exactly these pads work because the hairs disappear without any plucking and my skin is smoother. Usually after I wax my skin reddens and I get a rash, but with this product there're no such problems.


I ordered one too. I can't wait for it to finally arrive!

George M.

This is really cool - hair simply disappears. I do the procedure once a month or even once every two months - the hairs started to grow more slowly and are not as hard as they are after shaving.

Maria Hamilton

Thanks, Eva, for sharing your experience. Can't wait to try it myself! I've just placed an order :)


This Velvepil system worked better than I expected

Melissa M

hello from me. I received Velvepil the next day after I ordered. I even used it today again. Terrific product, there's no doubt! There were instant results and I am very pleased. Nothing to do with those sadomasochistic epilators, or waxing. Thanks :)


I've used it before and there was a real effect. I actually received it as a gift and wondered where I could get one more kit. :)

Ginny Blacks

After I've read your feedback, I think I might order it. The only thing that worries me is whether those superfine crystals are as described - do they cause any allergic reactions? Thanks in advance

Fiona B

I always get rashes from waxing, but these microcrystals do a good job. I used them on my legs, arms, and many other areas, and there's no problem - it took me 10 minutes to remove all the hair. Frankly it didn't hurt, but my skin was slightly reddened for half an hour. After that my skin was smooth as silk ;)

Alex Peterson

For me, there was a little difference in its effectivenss since I ordered two kits and gave one to my girlfriend. It took me a long time to remove the hair from my chest, and my girlfriend was done in 5 minutes or so. Maybe it is not as effective for men or maybe it depends on the person. But otherwise, as a principle of action I haven't seen anything like this so far, and I was surprised. When I first used it I honestly thought nothing would happen.

Simon Jones

Simon Jones

Oliver Matthews

Yes, I have experience with the system, a friend of mine gave it to me. Thank goodness I found this site to order another kit :)


to be completely honest, I was pretty skeptical at first. I don't know how, but it really works...


Ultimately, the price is worth it and for me it wasn't much of a dilemma. I just wonder whether the microcrystals could cause any kind of a skin reaction, but if you don't try you wouldn't know for sure, I guess... +1 from me!

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