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1 x Velvepil kit includes::

5 x small crystalline pads for sensitive areas like the upper lip and the chin;

1 x vibrating pod;

5 x large crystalline pads for large areas of skin;

2 x special silicone applicators for greater comfort.

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Buff away unwanted hair forever and discover the beauty of perfectly smooth skin!

Find out more about the most popular product for hair removal in the United States and now in Europe. Entirely innovative technology of the hair removal pads, based on water crystal microparticles!

Soft and smooth skin anytime and anywhere. Enjoy the pleasure and comfort of silky skin. In our busy lives we rarely have time for hair removal procedures. You can finally indulge in the sensation of touch. And at that - you can accomplish this effect in the comfort of your home. Try it now!

Use Velvepil with circular motions with a slight pressure. Go clockwise 3 times and then counter-clockwise 3 times. Repeat until all the hair has been removed.

Each Velvepil pad contains thousands of crystal microparticles, which gently but effectively exfoliate the skin while removing unwanted hair. The process is fast, easy and painless.

It can be used by both women and men for all areas of the body, including sensitive ones!

We guarantee the quality and efficacy of our product!